Design, like other creative and innovative work, requires us to re-think and re-imagine the world around us. But what assumptions and beliefs — what stories — are we holding onto without realizing it? What if we could unlock new ways of thinking, imagining and innovating, without limits?

That’s what storytelling can help us do.

We are all storytellers — whether we know it or not. And the most powerful stories are the ones we believe about ourselves, even without realizing it. These stories can help us make sense of the world and relate to each other. They can also hold us back.

When we are able to challenge and engage with our own “self stories” — essentially re-writing them — we open up new avenues of creative investigation. We discover new ways of thinking about ourselves, others, and the world we share. This in turn creates opportunities to imagine, explore, gather inspiration and see things from new perspectives.

In this workshop Camille will introduce us to the art of storytelling and narrative revision. She will explore how personal storytelling can be a superpower in our professional lives. And she’ll provide a practical storytelling framework for re-writing old stories with new meaning and possibility.

What topics will be covered?

- Why stories matter
- How to think like a storyteller

What exercises will be done?

- Speed stories (introduction stories)
- Write your story
- Genre
- Character
- Story arc
- Moral / meaning
- Everything is edit-able

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

Workshop participants will learn (and practice) a storytelling framework based on 5 core principles of storytelling. In addition to the fresh perspective and creative boost they’ll get in the workshop, they can use this framework in their design practice to approach projects, opportunities and challenges in new ways.

Any requirements for attending?