In this workshop, you'll get hands-on with pen and paper to unleash the power of sketching. From design research to ideation to prioritization to communicating design directions, imagery and hand-created artifacts are effective ways to dramatically improve ideas and increase understanding and stakeholder buy-in.

We'll survey the low-fidelity sketching landscape, exploring practices like graphic recording, sketchnoting, visual journalism, urban sketching, whiteboard videos, lettering, scenario sketching and sketching screens & UI. And we'll get hands-on to develop and enhance your visual vocabulary and practice sketching to think vs. sketching to communicate. (Spoiler: they are not the same thing.)

In this workshop, you'll not only build your personal sketching skills, you'll also learn how to effectively bring visual practices into your team.

What topics will be covered?

* When and why to sketch

* How sketching amplifies and improves UX work

* A summary of practices and methods, including graphic recording, sketchnoting, observational sketching, symbolic sketching, scenarios, storyboards, interfaces and flows.

* The tools of the trade and when/how to use them

* Sketching basics and tricks to work fast and accurately

* Sketching to think vs. sketching to communicate

* How to match the right level of fidelity for the right level of feedback

* Collaborative sketching and group participation

What exercises will be done?

* Map different sketching practices to phases of product and UX work

* Learn to sketch people, places, things, concepts, scenarios and screens

* Basic lettering and linework

* Develop and practice a visual vocabulary

* Assess the visual-readiness of your team

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

* Know the core principles of visual communication for UX work

* Practice simple skills for making clear and communicative sketches

* Expand your visual vocabulary with concepts specific to your work

* Enhance your skills and level-up your visual practice

* Resources and referrals for ongoing practice and improvement

* Understand the barriers to collaborative sketching and how to bust through them

* Leave with an action plan for using sketching in your team

Any requirements for attending?

No prior experience needed. Just come ready to sketch, to be curious, to collaborate, and to get out of your comfort zone. And, come ready to make a lot of stuff and have some powerful fun!