We all dream of working in organizations where design is respected and impactful. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create and deploy an action plan to bring your dreams to life.

Two years ago, the design team at PlanGrid was understaffed and hamstrung. Today, the team has tripled in size, is viewed as a strategic partner in the organization, and delivers amazing user experiences for the construction industry. In this workshop, Alissa Briggs (Head of Design) and Dave Hora (Research Leader) will provide practical tools for you to lead your own design revolution.

This workshop gives you the tools to diagnose your team's current state, set clear goals for team transformation, and choose the right moves to get you there. You'll hear practical tips and real-world stories. By the end of the session, you will:

* Diagnose where your team is at today

* Set a clear vision for where your team will go

* Understand the levers that will drive change

* Identify a specific set of moves to help you transform your team

This workshop is accompanied by worksheets and resources you can use with your team, which will also be made available online. You’ll leave with everything you need to chart your course to the design team of your dreams.

What exercises will be done?

Individual and group exercises in the form of brainstorm, workshop, and worksheet: we'll set goals, evaluate current state, and plan a specific and actionable path to a stronger and more productive design organization. 

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

* Framework for identifying design team health, effectiveness, influence

* An understanding of time and effort required for organizational change

* Strategies for change and specific "moves" to get there

* Common pitfalls and challenges in growing effective design teams

Any requirements for attending?

This workshop is best suited for design leaders and managers, though it may be of interest to anyone who wants to drive organizational change. Highly recommended for teams to attend together.