UX Week has you fired up. You have a vision for some big changes to your team, your department, your organization. You've got a notebook full of ideas. You've been excitedly slacking co-conspirators with sketches, links, and paragraphs of possibilities. It's going to work. It has to work. This is going to change everything.

Now what?

In this workshop, Sarah will help you design a path forward, to help you make real -- and sustainable -- change in your organization.

You'll learn to

 - build a network of champions

 - articulate a vision that others will want to support

 - outline a roadmap, then iterate on it

 - identify common forms of resistance

 - measure your progress

What topics will be covered?

Sustainable behavior change
Working with team and cultural dynamics

Any requirements for attending?

An idea or vision for something you'd like to change in your organization, team, or department — now matter how big or small.