You use smart people-centered methods to design great user experiences every day, but what about the content? In reality, content is at the heart of every user experience we design. When we overlook content considerations in the design process we can end up with design systems that break down when the real content is put into place, modules that don’t allow for the editorial flexibility our teams expect, and experiences that fall short of providing our users with what they need.

The good news is that we can use some of our most loved UX tools—like journey maps, user interviews, and stories— and add in a specific layer to make sure we’re giving our audience the content they need, when and how they need it most. In this workshop you'll learn how to expand on design tools we’re already familiar with to account for content-thinking in research, design, and build phases of your work.

What topics will be covered?

Introduction to content design
Understanding content needs in research
Modifying design tools for content considerations
Accounting for content in our workflow
Collaborating with content stakeholders

What exercises will be done?

Journey mapping
User stories
Content mapping

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

- How to get to the heart of your users content needs
- Approaches for building in a content-thinking layer into design tools you’re already familiar with
- A better understanding of when and where to account for content in the research, design, and build process
- Ideas on how to collaborate more effectively with content stakeholders

Any requirements for attending?