“People don't know what they want until you show it to them.”
That is why at Think Crate we prototype user experiences with electronic prototypes. We offer enough fidelity so that users can live the experience, instead of just imagining it. You can do the same for your next brainstorm.

In this workshop, we will walk you through the entire prototyping cycle with sample IoT devices such as dash button, smart cups, fitness band, etc. You will learn/pick up essential software-hardware prototyping skills with us. After that, working in groups, you will brainstorm a solution to a challenge, build a working prototype of it, and test it out among groups. We end with a brief presentation and group critique.

No prior hardware or software programming experience required.

What topics will be covered?

The main topic is how to rapid prototype an IoT experience in the digital-physical world. It will cover:

What is IoT
How do most IoT products work.
Benefits for UX designer to fuse design thinking and prototyping skills when design IoT product and experience.
Ways to prototype IoT product and apply design thinking in the process.
Essential hardware and software prototyping skills.
Visual programming.

What exercises will be done?

Attendees will brainstorm, bodystorm, protostorm and build a working prototype of their own IoT project idea.

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

Each attendee will get an IoT prototyping package including hardware and a software programming platform.
By the end of the workshop, each group will build a tangible, working prototype of an IoT project, they can take it away.

Any requirements for attending?

A computer with Bluetooth capability is required.

Knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Javascript is helpful but not mandatory.