Diversity of thought in our teams is key for organisations looking to create inclusive products.

Bringing together talented professionals from around the world increases our ability to design and build things that solve problems for billions without discrimination.

Our international teammates bring unique perspectives, values, and ideas from their home cultures which can help us improve our products.

But could those same differences increase the opportunities for misunderstanding and conflict and make it difficult for us to work together effectively?

In this workshop Farai will explain key differences between cultures and how these differences show up in the workplace. Through practical exercises he'll show how we can build our cultural awareness and work together better in diverse, multicultural teams.

This workshop is for:
- People working outside the country they grew up in
- People working with teams in other countries (in-person or remote)
- Managers of multi-cultural teams
- HR and talent acquisition teams hiring across cultures

What topics will be covered?

- Understanding cultural relativism
- Gaining cultural self awareness
- Understanding how culture influences work practices
- Methods for avoiding and handling "cultural friction" at work

What exercises will be done?

- Learn the ways in which cultures differ from each other
- Role play to explore how cultural differences can lead to conflict
- Role play to experience techniques for mindful observation and establishing empathy
- Collaborate to create a code of conduct for multicultural teams

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

- How cultural differences show up and affect people in the workplace
- How to reduce the anxiety associated with cross-cultural interactions
- What to consider when presenting to multicultural teams
- Ways to improve communication in multicultural teams
- Ways to review designs and give feedback in multicultural teams
- How to effectively lead multicultural teams
- How to improve hiring practices to be more inclusive of diverse cultures

Any requirements for attending?