Most design thinking within any organization is centralized in User Experience (UX). However, when one person or team is in charge of the design thinking and the user experience within a product or organization, the values that are intrinsic to UX Engineers can conflict with the values of product development. Not only does this burn out UX Engineers with an us versus them mentality, but it creates a culture where user-focused innovation is lacking and so is the product design. To combat this trend we will address the concept of design thinking and where UX fits within a larger product development process. We want to flip the paradigm of UX being completed by UX engineers to one where the whole product development team approaches UX and creates a product with the same mindset.

What topics will be covered?

Design thinking & process
Identity differentiation and career specialization
Participatory design & stakeholder analysis
Best practices
Team development

What exercises will be done?

Group UX therapy
Designing a UX workbench
Process ideation & specialization

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

People who attend this workshop will walk away with an understanding of how to instantiate an individualized process to build design thinking into their product team.

Any requirements for attending?

A knowledge of the basics of User Experience would be beneficial. Anyone with an eye towards practicing UX within a product development team would benefit from attending this workshop.