If your design system doesn't address motion, it's leaving important design details to chance. Interface animations are most effective when they fit with the bigger design picture, but that's almost impossible to do well if they aren't represented in your design principles.

Planning how animation will be used in your design system allows teams to save time in the design process and set guidelines for consistent implementation. On top of that, defining a motion language for your brand can help your team to develop a shared vision from which to work.

In this workshop, Val will cover guidelines for designing animation that fits your brand, and documenting your animation decisions in your design system. All the things you need to make UI animation work more smoothly for you and your team.

What topics will be covered?

- Defining your brand in motion
- How to identify the foundational building blocks of motion for your brand or product
- How to make animation part of your design process
- Where and how to represent motion as part of your design system efforts

What exercises will be done?

- Brand/Product personality defining exercise
- Brand/Product motion matching exercise
- Motion storyboarding exercise

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

A clear idea of how to address motion in their design system and where to start to get that done.

Any requirements for attending?

A laptop with Chrome or Firefox installed will be needed to participate in the exercises.