Clorama is a San Jose native, currently based in San Francisco. She obtained a B.S. in Political Science from Santa Clara University, and has worked in a variety of community engagement roles in local government and the public sector. She discovered Virtual Reality while pursuing her Master's in Interaction Design in 2015, conducting research on VR gamification methods for reducing social biases

After graduating, she continued working as a UX practitioner for start-ups in London, New York City, and France. She returned to San Francisco to Lead UX Research and Design as a 2017 Code for America fellow for the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska--launching a digital tool to help jobseekers navigate workforces. All the while, balancing a healthy side gig in VR Development for anti-bias/empathy projects across multiple industries, including healthcare, policing, neuro-psychology, education, and civic tech. After winning Oculus Launch Pad in 2017, she recently launched a start-up, Debias VR, with the mission of creating engaging bias (game) training tools for public and private industries.

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