Stuart candy

Stuart Candy is an award-winning experiential futurist, who has pioneered a range of practices and processes for bringing possible scenarios to life immersively and tangibly in the present, enabling leaders and communities to make more inspired and strategically informed decisions today. He has worked with numerous festivals, museums, and other institutions worldwide, including IDEO, Burning Man, TED, Singularity University, UNESCO, the City of Melbourne, the Rio+20 Summit, and the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Currently an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon School of Design, and Director of Situation Lab, he is co-creator of acclaimed imagination game The Thing From The Future, a founding member of the Foresight Advisory Board for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Geneva), and a fellow of the Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro) and The Long Now Foundation (San Francisco).

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