Peiqi su

Peiqi Su is an interaction designer, a new media artist, and a maker. She is the co-founder & design lead of Think Create, an interactive installation design and engineering studio.

She believes that good interaction design depends in the harmony between people, product and environment, and her mission is to find the perfect balance between these 3 primary elements.

She has worked as the Senior Design Advisor at HiFu Services Inc., one of the first tech companies in the US that empower cross-border mobile B2B and B2C commerce. She designed an IoT bracelet that can change color to match the personal outfit. She has design and artwork experience at Microsoft, UC Berkeley, Autodesk, and tech start-up companies. Her works have been featured on multiple international conferences and press including CHI, Huffington Post, ABC News, VICE, New York Magazine.

She received her Master’s degree at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in New York University, where she then taught a graduate class focused on prototyping electronic devices.

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