How do fictional narrative future landscapes affect and represent our realities and present experiences? And how does the past play a significant part in those experiences?

Production designer Hannah Beachler will discuss how design becomes a part of the changing landscape of diverse and inclusive spaces and, representation in futuristic landscapes. She will talk about her design process and the unique way she uses history, tradition and cultural elements to create diverse and inclusive spaces and environments in her work. She will show a visuals presentation of reference images, illustrations, set photos, and film stills, that illustrate how she connects the past, present and future to create unique environs in narrative film.

Most recently, Beachler designed Marvel’s Black Panther for director Ryan Coogler, which just became the 3rd highest grossing film in the US, and the 9th highest grossing film worldwide of all time. She previously collaborated with Coogler on Creed (2015) and Fruitvale Station (2013).

Prior, Beachler partnered with director Barry Jenkins on the 2017 Best Picture Oscar-winning film, Moonlight, and designed Beyoncé’s stunning visual concept album Lemonade and took home the 2017 Art Directors Guild Award for Excellence in Production Design for Awards or Event Special and earned a 2016 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Production Design For A Variety Nonfiction Event Or Award Special.