Over the last decade, appreciation for design and innovation has skyrocketed in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Companies are scrambling to pick up designers anywhere they can find them. Innovation centers are springing up like mushrooms. And it seems everybody is talking about the importance of knowing and understanding their audience.

But designers, teams, and leaders still struggle to integrate human-centered approcahes into how their organizations works and make decisions. These challenges fall into three categories:

  • The belief gap: We suffer from misalignments in how we interpret, experience and utilize design.
  • The behavior gap: We're not sure how to identify, align, and enact design behaviors that best fit our organization's current state.
  •  The influence gap: It's unclear how to select and plan transformation efforts that effectively target and build upon existing influence in the organization.

This workshop helps leaders, designers, and anyone involved with design and innovation transformation efforts address these gaps and truly become design-driven organizations.

In this workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Analyze an organization's culture and operations, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and its opportunities for infusing design and innovation within current beliefs.
  • Identify which characteristics and behaviors are most important for infusing design and innovation into your team or organization.
  • Construct plans that effectively use influence and momentum to effectively transform your organization and overcome common transformation challenges.
  • Execute, reflect, and iterate on your actions as you continuously learn more about your organization.