Social impact projects often utilize human-centered design methods, but applying this process in the public sector necessitates a special approach. The Service Design Studio at the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity is an in-house consultancy that works with government agencies to better meet the needs of New York City residents. To support our mission to build design capacity throughout the public sector, we created Civic Service Design Tools + Tactics, which can also serve as a practical guide for anyone seeking to learn directly from users in their own environments. Studio leaders Mari Nakano and Caroline Bauer will give a 3.5 hour, hands-on workshop on the service design process, with a special emphasis on utilizing these methods for civic-minded projects. Participants will walk away a completed workbook outlining a holistic understanding of how to collaborate with users in the design of products and services, and a concise pitch for how to get the rest of your team on board with this new way of working.

What topics will be covered?

Social impact design
Design research in the context of government
Recognizing assumptions and knowledge gaps
Civic Service Design Tools + Tactics
Civic Service Design overview

What exercises will be done?

Problem scoping and statement definition
Stakeholder mapping
Journey mapping
Persona building
Refining a challenge statement
Planning actionable next steps for your project

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

Learn the basics of Service Design in the public sector
Hands-on experience applying Service Design Tools + Tactics to your program or service. You will walk away with a completed workbook built by you, which will serve as an artifact that can support you next steps.
Opportunities to share and understand new approaches with your peers
Ways to bring what you learn back to your team

Any requirements for attending?

Participants should come with a program, service or challenge that they are looking to improve utilizing service design methods.