• Human-Centered Content Design

    You use smart people-centered methods to design great user experiences every day, but what about the content? In reality, content is at the heart of every user experience we design. view more…

    Rebekah Baggs, Onward Content Strategist and UX Researcher
    Chris Corak, ONWARD Partner, SEO + Technical Content Strategy
  • Design vs. Development: Bridging the Gap in Product Development

    Most design thinking within any organization is centralized in User Experience (UX). view more…

    Edgardo Vega, Next Century Corporation Senior Systems Architect
    Laurian Vega, UX Lead
  • Inclusive Design: The Product and the Process

    When we start thinking not only about “accessibility” but also about inclusive design, we increase the diversity of perspectives in the design process. view more…

    Derek Featherstone, Level Access Chief Experience Officer
  • Make It Real: Designing for Sustainable Organizational Change

    UX Week has you fired up. view more…

    Sarah B. Nelson, IBM Design Design Principal
  • Just Show the Data! How to Design Better Data Visualizations

    Data visualization can be a powerful tool for understanding complex information and has become a popular way to communicate data-fueled stories, from how many calories do you really eat at Chipotle to understanding the emotional arc of presidential inauguration speeches. view more…

    Paul Buffa, Capital One Data Visualization Engineer
  • Sketch-A-Palooza: Radiating Awesomeness in Your Organization Through the Power of Sketching

    In this workshop, you'll get hands-on with pen and paper to unleash the power of sketching. view more…

    Kate Rutter, Intelleto Principal
  • We've Done All This Research, Now What?

    One of the most persistent factors limiting the impact of user research in business is that projects often stop with a cataloging findings and implications rather than generating opportunities that directly enable the findings. view more…

    Steve Portigal, Portigal Consulting Principal
  • ImprovUX: Empathy, Understanding and Creative Collaboration Through Improvisation

    ImprovUX is a series of fun and INTERACTIVE talks and workshops that apply the skills of Improvisation (listening, acceptance, support, collaboration, letting go of judgment, etc. view more…

    Mike Gorgone, Ernst & Young UX Strategist | Experience Design Group
  • Animation for Your Design System and Brand

    If your design system doesn't address motion, it's leaving important design details to chance. view more…

    Val Head, Adobe Design Advocate
  • The Creative Power of Personal Storytelling

    Design, like other creative and innovative work, requires us to re-think and re-imagine the world around us. view more…

    Camille DePutter, Storytelling with Heart Storyteller
  • Civic Service Design in Action

    Social impact projects often utilize human-centered design methods, but applying this process in the public sector necessitates a special approach. view more…

    Caroline Bauer, NYC Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity Manager, Service Design Studio
    Mari Nakano, NYC Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity Acting Design Director, Service Design Studio
  • Maps & Markers: Crafting a Strategy to Transform Your Design Team

    We all dream of working in organizations where design is respected, valued and impactful. view more…

    Alissa Briggs, PlanGrid Head of Design
    Dave Hora, PlanGrid User Research Manager
  • Experience Prototyping with IoT Devices

    “People don't know what they want until you show it to them. view more…

    Peiqi Su, Think Create Co-founder & Design Lead
    Deqing Sun, Think Create; New York University Co-founder & Tech Lead; Adjunct Professor
  • Paying Better Attention to the Problem

    Design thinking begins with empathy, but empathy is not about solving problems. view more…

    Indi Young, indiyoung.com Design Researcher & Author
  • Slow Design to Solve Big Problems

    Like Alice Waters’ slow food movement, slow design in the user experience space can solve big problems in matters of nonprofit branding, public transportation, and emergency room care. view more…

    Sela Lewis, Inherent Design by Sela Lewis Creative Director
    Mary Ann Badavi, Partnership for Public Service Web and Design Manager
  • Liberating Design with Protest & Play

    Disabled people are the original lifehackers. view more…

    Lawrence Carter-Long, Disability & Media Alliance Project for the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund Communications Specialist
    Liz Jackson, The Disabled List Founder
  • What Is the Oasis? Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and the Future of Immersive Experience Design

    Steven Spielberg's 2018 film Ready Player One imagines a future where we all live in headsets and our lives are based around an online world called the Oasis. view more…

    Jessica Outlaw, The Extended Mind Behavioral Scientist and VR Researcher
    Clorama Dorvilias, Debias VR Founder/CEO
  • Giving Voice to Your Voice Designs

    Designing for voice interaction can be an intimidating concept for a generation of designers trained primarily in visual principles and patterns. view more…

    Cheryl Platz, Microsoft & Ideaplatz Principal Designer & Owner
  • Thinking Beyond: Design in a Messy World

    We live in a global society constantly being shaped by a diversity of cultures, practices, values, and ways of knowing. view more…

    Wanda Eugene, DEEP Designs LLC; University of Florida Co-founder & Managing Director; Research Scientist
  • Inclusive Service Design

    The Inclusive Service Design Workshop will bring together three important areas of design to challenge practitioners to think big and broad when it comes to meeting customer needs. view more…

    Deana Anglin, Google Senior User Experience Researcher
    Jamika D. Burge, Capital One / Design & Technology Concepts, LLC Communities of Practice Lead & Founder/Principal
    Kat Vellos, Slack Senior Product Designer
  • Better Facilitation, Better Meetings, Better Culture

    You make the world better by designing great user experiences. view more…

    Kevin M. Hoffman, Capital One VP of Design Practices
  • Diverse Teams: Working Together Across Cultures

    Diversity of thought in our teams is key for organisations looking to create inclusive products. view more…

    Farai Madzima, Shopify UX Lead
  • Transformation by Design

    Over the last decade, appreciation for design and innovation has skyrocketed in organizations of all shapes and sizes. view more…

    Adam Connor, Mad*Pow Designer & Strategist, VP Design Transformation
  • Unfold Your Brain: Unleash Your Creativity

    As creative professionals, we are called upon to produce and deliver original strategies and solutions to make our companies or clients stand out in the crowd, requiring a high level of creative thinking and generation of innovative ideas. view more…

    Denise Jacobs, The Creative Dose Principal