UX Week 2014 | Josh Clark | The Web Gets Real: Designing for the Internet of Things

Sure, sure, multi-screen design is a must-have as we try to cram our content into many different screens. But get ready for the next wave of design: no screen at all. As everything becomes connected, a new kind of interaction design is emerging to help us transfer not only data but behavior, control and intent between the physical objects and smart devices in our lives. With a rich trove of examples, this talk explores the passive cues and active gestures that turn us into wizards slinging bits and bytes between gadgets. Grab content from thin air and throw it into your tablet. Flick content from one device to another. Create a pied-piper cloud of data that follows you through mere proximity. This new class of physical offscreen interaction is enabled by technology that's already in our pockets, handbags, and living rooms. That means it's not a challenge of technology but of imagination. Time to start thinking in an entirely new way about what you do and where the web is headed.

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UX Week 2014 | Amanda Dameron | Keynote: Design for Humankind

What does "good design" mean in a subjective universe? No matter the discipline, good design is a network of systematic responses that addresses needs on a daily basis and solves the problems of today. Yet human beings, in the great spectrum of their physical and emotional responses, have a wide variety of needs.

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UX Week 2014 | Ken Jennings | Keynote: Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks

In April 2013, in the wake of Russia's annexation of the Crimea, a Washington Post poll found that only 1 in 6 Americans could find the Ukraine on a map, and the average guess was wrong by more than 1,800 miles. America's oft-reported struggle with geography is really a symptom of a wider problem: "ingraphicacy," a deep discomfort with spatial tasks and diagrams of all kinds.

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UX Week 2014 | Anna Pohlmeyer | From User Experiences to Human Experiences

Recent initiatives in the design field aspire to move from a focus on functionality and pleasure in a momentary use context to a focus on the well-being in people’s lives as a whole. This emphasis also implies a shift from seeing the user as a system operator to again – first and foremost – a human being.

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UX Week 2014 | Steve Bishop | Two Worlds: Design Firms & Startups & What They Can Learn From Each Other

Steve Bishop thinks of design as an approach to problem solving that unlocks the growth potential in any business. As Senior Director at Automatic Labs, Steve helps strengthen the company's user-centered, design capabilities to solve real transportation challenges and focuses making driving a better, more sustainable experience for everyone.

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UX Week 2014 | Amritha Prasad | Applying Design Thinking at the Organizational Level

At Uber, our design team consists of talented individuals who are ultimately passionate problem solvers at their core. As a result, many of us have been able to enact change across the organization through the use of common UX design techniques.

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UX Week 2014 | Ryan Gantz | Designing for Media is Messy: A Feature, Not A Bug

At Vox Media we try to create engaging digital experiences: lighthearted journalism, interactive, responsive longform pieces, elegant integrated advertising, beautiful videos, and fun community spaces. And while we can track clicks and count page views, a lot of those adjectives are hard to quantify.

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UX Week 2014 | Kristin Skinner | Work With What You Have

As practitioners, we're faced with constant change - changing requirements, strategies, and opportunities plus shifting deadlines, leadership, and teams. In addition, many of us lack sufficient tools and processes to accomplish daily tasks, take on new projects at work, or complete the work we’ve set out to do.

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UX Week 2014 | Meara O'Reilly | Rhythm Necklaces

Rhythm necklaces are circular representations of repeating or structural patterns. They've been applied in fields as varied as Crystallography, Radio Astronomy, Nuclear Physics, and Ethnomusicology.

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UX Week 2014 | David Cutler | The Architecture of Human Experience

The built environment is the ultimate platform for human experience. No matter which social network we frequent or which software we use, we are all logging on from real, physical space – our house, our office, our favorite café or pub, or local park.

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UX Week 2014 | Andrew Mayfield | Five Short Stories from Five Years Designing for Designers

In my 5 years as CEO and Product Manager at Optimal Workshop, we've built a product suite that helps researchers and designers make evidence-based decisions. I'll share a few tales that illustrate the delights and perils of designing and managing products used by designers.

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UX Week 2014 | Karina van Schaardenburg | Designing Smart Interruptions

Some mobile apps are designed to fill gaps of time: games, reading queues like Instapaper, and social feeds like Secret. I want to talk about a second category of apps: the ones that demand attention, the ones that interrupt you.

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UX Week 2014 | Boon Sheridan | One Piece at a Time

Whether you're drowning in data or struggling for insights the hardest thing can be getting a project out of the gate. (Not to mention getting to the middle of a project and having to reset plans as situations and resources change.

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UX Week 2014 | Ingrid C. Lindberg | Designing Enterprises: How to Transform a Company by Design

In this session, you'll learn how to take a small movement, driven by passionate designers, into a change leadership movement that transforms a company. You'll hear how to reshape a company from a B2B focus to fully B2C.

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UX Week 2014 | Andy Polaine | Designing Multichannel Services for Lives Beyond the Screen

We instantly recognise the design quality of an iPhone or a Mercedes, but why are so many services such poor experiences, even though many of their parts are well-designed? Usually it is because the service as a whole has not been designed at all. It just happened.

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UX Week 2014 | Kyle Neath | Leading a Distributed Team of Introverts

Most designers I know are introverts. We love to hide in our corner and imagine the pixels that could be.