Dr tammara combs

Dr. Tammara Combs is recognized in digital marketing, social technology and data security. She’s held leadership positions in conceiving and executing innovations in technology, market strategy and business development for corporations, startups, and universities. Dr. Combs’ specialties include online communities, social networking, and engaging social influencers within organizations. Dr. Combs is founder of Serendipity Interactive, a marketing technology firm that customizes cohesive digital user experiences for corporations and personal brands. She has served as interim CEO of technology startups, enhancing the value of companies while securing customers and funding. As a VP at Lowe’s, Dr. Combs held responsibility for the e-commerce website, online strategy and customer loyalty program, MyLowes. As an engineer & senior research manager at Microsoft, her work included product development, enhancing grassroots creativity and company-wide innovation. Dr. Combs is well published, a frequent speaker and present in the media. She serves on trustee boards of several organizations, including the YMCA, Crosby Scholars, Digitize.ai and Dome Beats. Dr. Combs is a member of the Executive Leadership Council, an organization dedicated to empowering corporate leaders to make significant and impactful contributions in the global marketplace and their communities. She was recognized as one of the Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America and Top 100 Diverse Corporate Leaders in STEM. Dr. Combs resides in North Carolina with her two young sons.

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