Amanda dameron ux 2014
Keynote Speaker

Amanda Dameron

Editor-in-Chief, Dwell

Amanda Dameron is the Editor-in-Chief of Dwell and she leads content across all the company's platforms.

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Ken jennings ux 2014
Keynote Speaker

Ken Jennings

Author, Maphead, Because I Said So!, & the Junior Genius Guides

Ken Jennings was a software engineer from Salt Lake City, Utah in 2004 when he unexpectedly rose to fame following his six-month run on the quiz show Jeopardy!, when he won 74 games and over $2.5 million.

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Josh clark ux 2014
Keynote Speaker

Josh Clark

Designer, Developer, & Author, Global Moxie

Josh Clark is a designer specializing in multi-device design, strategy, and user experience. He's author of five books, including the forthcoming "Designing for Touch" (A Book Apart, 2014).

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Denise jacobs ux 2014
Keynote Speaker

Denise Jacobs

Principal & Creativity Evangelist, A Creative Dose

Denise R. Jacobs is a speaker, writer, and creativity evangelist who teaches techniques to make the creative process more fluid, methods for making work environments more conducive to creative productivity, and practices for sparking innovation.

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Doug vakoch ux 2014 final

Doug Vakoch

Director of Interstellar Message Composition, SETI Institute

Doug Vakoch is the Director of Interstellar Message Composition at the SETI Institute, where he researches ways that different civilizations might create messages that could be transmitted across interstellar space.

Karina van.schaardenburg ux 2014

Karina van Schaardenburg

UX Research Lead, foursquare

With stints at Meetup, Twitter and Foursquare, Karina has spent her career in UX research learning about social behaviors online.

Ljuba miljkovic ux 2014

Ljuba Miljkovic

Chief Product Officer, Automatic

Ljuba is a designer and product manager at Automatic Labs, a San Francisco based startup working to redefine and improve people’s relationship to their cars and driving.

Caryl shaw ux 2014

Caryl D. Shaw

Founder, Tower of Robots Consulting

Caryl Shaw is currently the Founder of Tower of Robots Consulting in San Francisco providing production and project management services to game and app developers.

Boon sheridan ux 2014

Boon Sheridan

Product Designer, NASDAQ OMX

Over the last twenty years Boon has had job titles like site producer, content specialist, information architect, interaction designer, user researcher, stage manager and voice-over actor.

Amritha prasad ux 2014

Amritha Prasad

UX Designer, Uber

Amritha is currently a UX Designer at Uber and is extremely passionate about changing the way people perceive transportation and modern convenience.

Zach ware ux 2014

Zach Ware

Founder & CEO, Project 100

Zach is the Founder and CEO of Project 100, a new type of mobility company blending shared cars, drivers, bikes and more to help people be more connected to their city and one another.

Anna pohlmeyer ux 2014

Anna Pohlmeyer

Co-Director & Design Researcher, Delft Institute of Positive Design

Anna is assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Design at TU Delft and co-director of the Delft Institute of Positive Design, a research institute devoted to the study of design for human flourishing.

Ryan gantz ux 2014

Ryan Gantz

Director of UX, Vox Media, Inc

Ryan has been on the web for fifteen years; designing, wire-framing, and front-ending with the Vox Media product team for the past seven.

Andy polaine ux 2014

Andy Polaine

Service Designer, Writer, Educator, Co-author of Service Design: From Insight to Implementation

Andy Polaine is a service and interaction design consultant, writer and educator. He is co-author of the Rosenfeld Media book, Service Design: From Insight to Implementation.

Kyle neath ux 2014

Kyle Neath

Product Lead, GitHub

Kyle loves to build beautiful things with software, and tools to make our future happen faster. At GitHub he's helping create a better way to design, build and ship software.

Mariya yao ux 2014

Mariya Yao

Founder & Creative Director, Xanadu

Mariya is currently Founder and Creative Director of Xanadu, a leading mobile design studio whose clientele range from major global brands to Silicon Valley's up-and-coming startups.

Abi jones ux 2014

Abi Jones

Interaction Designer, Google

Abi Jones designs for people interacting with Google's Knowledge Graph, a semantic network of over 570 million objects (and 18 billion related facts) representing the continually growing realm of human knowledge.

Sunni brown ux 2014

Sunni Brown

Chief Infodoodler and Author, Sunni Brown, Ink

Sunni Brown was named one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” and one of the “10 Most Creative People on Twitter” by Fast Company.

Andrew mayfield ux 2014

Andrew Mayfield

CEO & Product Manager, Optimal Workshop

Andrew is CEO and Product Manager of Optimal Workshop. Their tools are used and loved by information architects, designers and user experience consultants around the world.

Kathryn reeves ux 2014

Kathryn Reeves

Communications Specialist, Optimal Workshop

Kathryn is Optimal Workshop's Communications Specialist. She has expertise in how UX professionals can write and present their ideas clearly to their teams and customers.

Kristin skinner ux 2014

Kristin Skinner

Managing Director, Program Management, Adaptive Path

As Adaptive Path's Managing Director, PM, Kristin guides the consulting practice focusing on programs and teams, and partners with our clients to ensure that their strategic and business goals are met.

Meara o'reilly ux 2014

Meara O'Reilly

Artist-in-residence, Exploratorium

Meara O'Reilly is an artist and educator with a focus on auditory perception. Her blog, Illusion Songs, is a collection of auditory illusions found in indigenous folk practices, popular music and scientific research.

David cutler ux 2014

David Cutler

Principal, Director of Thought Research, GGLO

A practicing architect and urban designer, David is also a passionate evangelist and advocate for design policies that create healthier relationships between people and place.

Kristin hughes ux 2014 final

Kristin Hughes

Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Kristin Hughes is a designer and educator whose innovative work in healthcare exemplifies the benefit of fusing design with community engagement to address complex social problems.

Ingrid lindberg ux 2014

Ingrid C Lindberg

CxO, Evangelist. Speaker. Strategy Builder.

Ingrid is a proven senior change management and customer strategy leader who creates sustainable and extensible culture change geared towards customer centricity.

Sophia voychehovski ux 2014

Sophia Voychehovski

User Experience Designer, ReWired Experience Design

Sophia is the founder of ReWired, an Experience Design studio based in Atlanta, GA. ReWired gives affordable UX and design services to non-profits, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and local tech start-ups.

Chris risdon ux 2014

Chris Risdon

Design Director, Adaptive Path

Chris has enjoyed working with and for consumer-facing retail brands, media companies and innovative start-ups. Before joining Adaptive Path, Chris was a Senior User Experience Architect at Macquarium in Atlanta.

Susan weinschenk ux 2014 final

Susan Weinschenk

Principal, The Weinschenk Institute

Susan is the person to go to when you need to know how to persuade and motivate people to take action. She has a Ph.D. in Psychology and over 30 years of experience as a behavioral psychologist and user experience professional.

Charlie evans ux 2014

Charlie Evans

"Mr. Popular", MetaMythic

If you were ever given the choice to meet anyone on planet earth, most people would choose someone really, really famous; this would be a complete misstep. Charlie is the person you should have thought about.

Mike dockery ux 2014

Michael Dockery

"Minister of Propaganda", MetaMythic

Michael is motivated by the thought that design and story-telling should inspire delight, because only then can the attention of the viewer truly be captured.

Chad harris ux 2014

Chad Harris

"Sir. Chameleon", MetaMythic

Chad Harris is a Springfield, MO native who has studied, practiced and taught improv comedy across the country for over a decade.

Christopher lazzaro ux 2014

Christopher Lazzaro

"The Architect", MetaMythic

Christopher's passion is to architect cultures where artisans come together to build remarkable products and services - the ones people tell stories about.

Anders ramsay ux 2014

Anders Ramsay

UX Consultant and Coach, Anders Ramsay Consulting LLC

Anders is a veteran UX designer, independent consultant, and member of the Rosenfeld Media experts group, specializing in helping organizations apply Agile and Lean methods to UX practice.

Rebecca stockley ux 2014 final

Rebecca Stockley

Actor & Co-founder, BATS Improv

Rebecca has been performing with BATS Company since 1989. Rebecca was the Dean of the BATS School of Improv from 1992 to 2003 and she has been designing and teaching improvisation workshops since 1984.

Chris sams ux 2014

Chris Sams

Actor & Director of On-The-Go Programs, BATS Improv

Chris delights in using improvisational theater technique, theory, and practice as a trainer-facilitator to teach spontaneity, creativity, leadership, storytelling, communication, collaboration, and team building.

Jen walsh ux 2014

Jen Walsh

Senior UX Designer, 29th Drive. A Tallwave and Ethology Company

Jen is a Senior UX Designer and 15-year Internet veteran. Experienced in many roles of the application design process, she found her passion in User Experience.

Kevin goldman ux 2014

Kevin Goldman

Chief Design Architect, 29th Drive. A Tallwave and Ethology Company

For 18 years Kevin has brought user centered design and design thinking to Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Iran narges ux 2014

Iran Narges

Designer, Adaptive Path

Iran aspires to make things that are both useful and beautiful. She describes her work as clean, authentic, and purposeful. She has strong minimalist tendencies, with occasional outbursts of exuberance.

Geoff harrison ux 2014

Geoff Harrison

Creative Director, Partner, Blink UX

Geoff is Creative Director and Partner at Blink UX where he helps design cross-platform digital experiences for start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.