Alan cooper uxweek16
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Alan Cooper

Founder, Cooper

Alan Cooper co-founded Cooper in 1992. He is widely known for his role in humanizing technology through his groundbreaking work in software design.

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Cindy gallop
Keynote Speaker

Cindy Gallop

Founder & CEO, IfWeRanTheWorld/MakeLoveNotPorn

Cindy Gallop is a graduate of Somerville College, Oxford, whose background is brandbuilding, marketing and advertising . She started up the US Office of AD Agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty in New York and was named Advertising Woman of the Year.

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Amber case uxweek16
Keynote Speaker

Amber Case

Cyborg Anthropology, Calm Technology

Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist and user experience designer from Portland, Oregon.

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Jjp uxweek16
Keynote Speaker

Jesse James Garrett

Chief Creative Officer, Adaptive Path

Jesse, co-founder and chief creative officer of Adaptive Path, is one of the world's most widely recognized technology product designers.

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Peter merholz mx16
Keynote Speaker

Peter Merholz

Design and Product Executive,

Peter Merholz co-founded Adaptive Path in 2001. He is also perhaps most (in)famous for coining the word “blog” in 1999.

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Nick crampton uxweek16

Nick Crampton

Experience Designer, Adaptive Path

Nick is a firm believer in the power of design, and its ability to bring people together to solve problems big and small (preferably big).

Jaime levy uxweek16

Jaime Levy

UX Strategist, Author, College Professor, JLR Interactive

Jaime Levy is an author, college professor and User Experience consultant based in Los Angeles, California.

Dave gray

Dave Gray

Founder, XPLANE

Dave Gray is a leader and manager with a background in design. He has worked with many of the world’s largest companies, as well as mid-sized businesses, startups, executives and individuals.

Nicole sorochan uxweek16

Nicole Sorochan

Transmedia Director, One Net Studios

Nicole is an accomplished Impact Producer, Transmedia Director and storyworld builder. As the founder of One Net Studios and Ten One Films, Nicole is known for jumping at interesting projects and taking them to exciting places.

Irene au uxweek16

Irene Au

Design Partner, Khosla Ventures

Irene Au is an operating partner at Khosla Ventures, where she works with portfolio companies to make their design great.

Marty caplan uxweek16

Marty Caplan

Founder & Producer, Mystic Midway

With 19 years in the game industry and time served in theme parks, internet and film before that, Martin Caplan has done some pretty fun stuff.

Barron scott levkoff uxweek16

Barron Scott Levkoff

Founder & Director, Mystic Midway

Barron Scott Levkoff is Founder and Director of The Mystic Midway. The Midway crafts playful experiences that integrate new technology and timeless strategies to engage the creative spirit in everyone.

Matt leacock uxweek16

Matt Leacock

Game Designer, Matt Leacock Games

Matt Leacock is a game designer specializing in board games for the international market.

Emileigh barnes uxweek16

Emileigh Barnes

Content Lead, 18F

Emileigh Barnes is a content lead at 18F, a digital consultancy within the U.S. government.

Steve silberman uxweek16

Steve Silberman

Award-Winning Science Writer & New York Times Bestselling Author, NeuroTribes

Silberman shares little-known stories of the researchers and psychiatrists who pioneered the first autism diagnoses while also providing long-sought solutions to the autism puzzle.


Steve Fisher

Founder, The Republic of Quality

Steve is the Founder and Experience Architect at The Republic of Quality ( He’s also the founder of The Design & Content Conference ( in Vancouver, Canada.

Christina wodtke ux15

Christina Wodtke

Associate Professor, California College of the Arts

Christina has led redesigns and initial product offerings for such companies as LinkedIn, Myspace, Zynga, Yahoo!, Hot Studio, and eGreetings.