The celebrated companies changing how we move in a city take the fundamentals of an old system and make it slightly better. Uber makes taxis better, Lyft makes becoming a driver easier, Zipcar makes car ownership easier. What happens when you redefine the foundation of why people move in a city and focus on building a system around a promise and a methodology of solving problems rather than providing cars?

At Project 100 our purpose is to remove friction from people's lives so they can connect with places and people more easily. Our business is psychology and a promise, a focus that speaks directly to the user experience world. We do that now by building systems that move people. While our business looks like transportation, our purpose is higher. We don't re-design flawed systems, we build entirely new foundations.

This talk will explore the foundation of the idea and why we believe the future of mobility is less about cars and more about solving problems in a way that speaks to users, it's about digging deeper and solving the less obvious problems.